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Bold & Unbounded Spirit

Customers' feedback

"I love your guys style and aesthetic vision of your brand. I really like your guys jewelry and especially your necklaces. I'm always on the lookout for the different and uncommon themed, a standout piece that separates itself from the competition and Odin's Craft is exactly that."


"These are the times I'm bloody grateful for ads because otherwise I would've missed a store that had my exact style of rings and you have no idea just how long I've been looking for a store that sold some badass norse style jewelry."

John Holeman

"It's great, I love the weight... I won't be taking it off! Thank you for making jewelry that doesn't only look badass but is also affordable."


"I can be really picky when it comes to nordic motives sice it's literally part of my family's legacy, but I was impressed when I saw that all your jewelry actually follows their mythological lore. The research payed off, rings are fucking flawless. I consider myself lucky having found your brand."

Yannis Rossi

"Awesome owners! Customer support was great and the rings are just out of this world."

Jaime Croce